Our Solution

Since inception, our organization has demonstrated our commitment to supporting Africa orphanage facilities through efficient fundraising campaigns. We have been fortunate to have generated adequate revenue to address the needs of orphan children through the collection and distribution of food, clothing, medical supplies, educational materials, and other basic necessities. In addition to collecting in-kind donations, our organization has proudly secured monetary donations that are utilized to purchase additional items for the children and to cover the cost of shipment. The items that we collect are distributed directly to orphanages and other charitable organizations that are currently focused on serving children that have lost their parents.

Our immediate needs include acquiring a fifteen seat van that will be donated to a Nigerian orphanage that does not have the financial means to purchase a new vehicle. The organization that we have selected to partner with provides a group home for children that require regular medical care and health checkups. Unfortunately, there are no medical clinics within walking distance and nearby were recorded at 77.7% and 76.3% respectively, compared to the south-west at 59.1%.

Corruption is rife in Nigeria and for decades politicians have focused on milking cash from crude oil exports, which average more than 2 million barrels per day, rather than developing infrastructure and creating jobs for locals. Despite holding the world’s seventh largest gas reserves, which could be used to generate power, Nigeria only produces enough electricity to power a medium-sized European city. More than half of the country’s 160 million inhabitants live without electricity, while the rest have to rely on expensive generators run on diesel supplies controlled by a small and powerful cartel of importers.

One of the largest population groups being affected by the poverty is the youth of Nigeria. There is an estimated 8.6 million orphan children in Nigeria and 930,000 of these individuals have been orphaned by AIDS. Orphans and vulnerable children are easily trafficked, prone to sexual assault, less likely to attend schools, stigmatized and excluded. They therefore deserve special care, but presently no adequate care system and social services are available for them.